Betiyaan Famed Actress Tanya Hussain Pictures With Her Mother From A Wedding

Natasha Hussain, a model, has long worked in the entertainment sector. She is well-known for being a super model, a hostess for many events, and also an actress. Around twenty years ago, the Pakistani fashion business saw a boom, and we produced numerous supermodels who went on to become well-known names in the entertainment industry. One such name was Natasha Hussain, better known by her stage name Natty. Natty has consistently been a part of the entertainment industry and occasionally performs. She played Lubna’s mother in the smash Parizaad.

Natasha Hussain is married and the mother of two stunning daughters. As Ushna Shah’s sister in Parizaad and most recently in Betiyaan, where she wowed the audience with her depiction of one of the main characters, Tanya Hussain, her daughter, is now also an actress.

Tanya recently attended a wedding with her family, and while she wore a vivid green sari, her mother wore a maroon and ivory combo sari. They both were stunning and shared photos with their followers. Look into: