Beautiful & Unseen Pictures Of Qavi Khan With His Family

Great Pakistani performer in both television and movies was Qavi Khan. On March 5, 2023, the renowned actor passed away. Since he was young, Qavi Khan has been involved in the media. He gained a great name for his services to Pakistani television business. Up until his passing, he was Pakistan’s undisputed top performer. Undoubtedly, the most well-known television figure in Pakistan was Qavi Khan.According to his coworkers, he was the kindest guy. His fellow actors offered countless prayers and condolences upon hearing of his passing. Many individuals are still grieving. Qavi Khan spent the majority of his time in Karachi; he relocated there in order to pursue his career. His kids were established in Canada, while his wife had previously resided in Lahore. He relocated to Canada in his final years and spent time with his children. The performer has since been interred in Canada.

Very few individuals are aware of the veteran actor’s family. Qavi Khan cherished his family and had a special relationship with his kids and grandkids. The performer and Nahid Qavi had a happy marriage. They were happily married in 1968 and had a wonderful existence together.

In their nearly 50 years of marriage, Qavi and Nahid supported one another. Two daughters and two boys were born to Qavi Khan. He has grandkids who are adults. His grandchild Yahya Khan Turned 17 this year. Here, we’ve gathered unique images of Qavi Khan’s family that his kids have shared. Check out the images: