Beautiful Pictures Of Mariyam Nafees With Her Husband

Actress Mariyam Nafees is brave, attractive, and skilled. She has worked on numerous fantastic television programmes, and she is renowned for being outspoken on social issues, politics, and the usage of social media. She recently wed Amaan Ahmed, and the two of them have a lovely love story.

They both collaborated on a project together, and although they did not split ways amicably, they eventually reconnected and grew close. The two of them had a lovely wedding with Nikkah in the Faisal Mosque and a ceremony for their family and friends in Swat when their friendship eventually turned into love. Aman Ahmed and Mariyam Nafees both have very outspoken personalities and aren’t afraid to express their affection for one another. Amaan sent the actress a heartfelt birthday wish and included some never-before-seen photos of the duo. See some lovely images of Mariyam Nafees and her husband Amaan Ahmed, as well as his heartfelt wish for the love of his life, below.

Here is Amaan’s wish for wife Mariyam: