Beautiful HD Pictures From Cricketer Shan Masood’s Qawali Night

Beautiful HD Pictures From Cricketer Shan Masood’s Qawali Night…

Young and gifted Pakistani cricketer Shan Masood has earned a spot on the national team roster thanks to his outstanding performances. Shan Masood has also put up some incredible performances in the PSL. Shan Masood and his lovely fiance Nische Khan just got married. Shan and Nische got engaged shortly after meeting each other when they first met in London. Well, the lovely couple wed in a lovely family ceremony, and the cricket fans adored them. On the day of the Nikah and the wedding, they looked gorgeous.

The lovely Qawali performance tonight was organised by Shan Masood and his wife Nische Khan. The duo were adorable and stunning in their lovely attire. Shan Masood donned a monochromatic black blazer over a white kurta shalwar, and his wife chose a stunning deep maroon dress with gold embroidery on the top. Following are some stunning HD pictures of Shan Masood and Nische Khan taken during their Qawali performance:

Videos from Shan Masood’s Qawali night in which Sarafaraz Ahmed is also singing: