Beautiful Clicks Of Saleem Sheikh’s Daughters from Sister Wedding

Due to the celebrity-studded wedding of his gorgeous daughter Nashmiya Saleem Sheikh, talented and handsome Pakistani television and film actor Saleem Sheikh grabbed news this week. All of Saleem Sheikh’s friends and family were invited to a spectacular wedding that he prepared.

All of Saleem Sheikh’s family members were invited to Nashmiya’s Barat celebration, which took place two days ago. Many prominent celebrities were spotted at the wedding, including Sajjad Ali and Nauman Ijaz. Additionally invited to the wedding were Meerub Ali and Zoe Ali. The event was extensively photographed by Saleena and Anumta Saleem, father of Saleem Sheikh. Meerub Ali also posted images from the occasion. Here, we’ve gathered gorgeous photos of Nashmiya Saleem Sheikh’s wedding guests and Saleem Sheikh’s daughters. Check out the images: