Beautiful Clicks Of Natasha Lakhani From Madinah Munawarah

Madam Noor Jehan is a national legend, and other members of her family have excelled in their vocations and brought honour to the nation. The granddaughter of Madam Noor Jehan, Natasha Lakhani has established herself in the world of beauty. Her salon, Natasha’s salon, is a celebrity favourite, and she also shares beauty and lifestyle advice with all of her fans on social media. She is also quite honest about her private life and frequently uses Instagram to communicate with her followers about her experiences.

Natasha Lakhani and her entire extended family are currently travelling on a very wonderful journey. She is currently in Madinah Munawarah with her husband Ali Lakhani, daughter Shahnoor, and cousins who are also travelling with her for Umrah. She published images and videos taken at Masjid Al-Haram. To name a few: