Beautiful Clicks Of Minna Tariq – Rubina Ashraf’s Daughter

Pakistani television actor Minna Tariq is a stunning and gifted person. She is also the prodigious actress Rubina Ashraf’s daughter, a seasoned Pakistani actor. Minna participated in the drama series Ruswai, which her mother Rubina directed. She rose to fame as a result of the success of the play. The public adored Minna’s performance at Ruswai. Big praise was also given to the drama. Her friendship with Osama was well-liked.

Minna Tariq married Imran Sheikh last year. Social media buzzed with news of Minna’s celebrity-studded wedding. Minna Tariq recently marked her first wedding anniversary in January. She and her husband reside abroad. Minna Tariq enjoys sharing photos of her family, including her mother and husband. She recently shared some wonderful photos with her spouse. She also shared a couple images of herself and her stunning mother Rubina Ashraf. Check out the images:

Minna Tariq posted a reel on her first anniversary, have a look at the Instagram reel: