Beautiful Birthday Pictures Of Sadia Imam’s Daughter Meerub

Sadia Imam has accomplished a lot in her career and has played a significant role in the drama industry. The actress took somewhat of a hiatus from working in dramas after doing so pretty successfully and got married. She is still seen anchoring live morning broadcasts and appearing on other programmes, like Good Morning Pakistan, as a guest and sharing her personal experiences. Sadia Imam is the mother of the lovely Meerub, and she frequently posts photos of her lovely family online.

The eight-year-old daughter of Meerub and Sadia Imam threw a lavish party to celebrate her birthday. Nadia Khan and Nida Yasir, two members of Sadia’s star family, were also photographed celebrating the birthday with their children. While her guests all looked beautiful dressed to the nines, little Meerub looked like a princess. These images from Meerb’s eighth birthday celebration, which was filled with joy and excitement, belong to Sadia Imam.