Well, here is some exclusive breaking news from Showbizpak.com. There can be nothing better than our favourite TV stars falling in love. Aiza Khan, Ainy Jaffery, Amina Sheikh are some of the names who have always been open about their relationship. Now, Nimra Khan is the latest one who has been bitten and smitten by the divine love bug. And on top of that, she is not hiding it, bravo!

The Noorie has finally found his match! Nimra Khan is engaged to be married to the person which is still unknown to us. The 24-year-old Ms. Khan is an accomplished actress who has won critical acclaim for her work on television.


Nimra Khan is a new face in Pakistani dramas with a beautiful face and great acting skills. She is one of the few actresses who actually studied acting before joining showbiz, she studied film and television at Indus Valley in Karachi. Nimra’s greatest supporters are her parents who promoted and advised her to pursue a career in acting. In less than a year she has acted in more than 8 dramas since her debut in March of 2013.


Although she is new she has managed to work alongside some of the top actors of the industry such as Javed Sheikh, Fazeela Kazi, Faysal Qureshi, and many more. Nimra Khan is one of those rare actresses who was actually encouraged by her parents to join the industry.


These days many of our new actors learn professional acting before joining showbiz and Nimra is one of those educated actresses to join the field. Nimra studied film and television at Indus Valley before starting her acting career, and she hopes one day to direct dramas. Nimra Khan is not just a talented and educated actress but she also has the beauty and great smile to go with it. It seems in no time with her hard work and determination she will be counted among the best in the industry.

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