And after much resistance, the super model of the controversy ramp, Ayyan Ali has confessed to the charges of being involved in money laundering for reputed politicians since 2011.

Ayyan Ali, the acclaimed model and singer, was arrested on 14th March 2015, boarding a flight to Dubai from Islamabad Benazir International Airport with USD 500,000 in her possession while the legally allowed limit by FIA is of USD 10,000 in cash.ayyanali-adialajail-pakistan-ayyan-ayaan_3-16-2015_178343_l

Today, not only has Ayyan admitted to her crimes of money laundering which she has been involved in since 2011, but she also has has also provided the agency with the names of those involved. The ironic part of this entire incident is that even despite these names being contacted by FIA for further investigation, the people have not responded to any allegations on media.

Surprisingly enough, Ayyan’s last show as a model was in 2014, while since then she has been travelling extensively around the world, including Abu Dhabi and Dubai in Middle East and France, London, Italy and Germany in Europe, in the name of her musical and fashion career.

Sadly this is state of Fashion, Media and Politics in our country where everything seems to be muddled up. And then we wonder what is wrong with the world. Nonetheless, we wish Ayyan good luck in her attempts to get out of this fashio-political malfunction. 🙂