Anum Goher & Goher Mumtaz Disclose the Name and Face of Their Infant Son

Goher Mumtaz and Anum Goher are a super cute celebrity pair. They are incredibly bonded. Goher Mumtaz is a well-known musician, vocalist, songwriter, guitarist, and actor from Pakistan. Famous Pakistani performer and model Anum Goher is another. The couple keeps their private lives very private, but Anum Goher recently disclosed that she is now a mother to a cute son. After being a mother for seven months, she broke the news.

Anum published a lovely post to reveal her motherhood. She shared the news on Instagram with the caption, “This one is unique, and you know that well Goher Mumtaz. Introducing Mohammad Suleiman Goher (12.08.22). Blessed 7 months, little man. Born Couldn’t have asked for a finer present just a day before my birthday. Informing all acquaintances and well-wishers of the news with this message.I hope you all understand that we prefer to keep our personal lives private. P.S. Like his parents, Mr. Suileman Goher is a Leo. She also uploaded photos of Muhammad Suleiman Goher, her adorable baby son. View the images and blog entry that the stunning Anum Goher shared: