Anoushay Abbasi Latest Clicks in Western Attire Faces Intense Criticism

Anoushay Abbasi Latest Clicks in Western Attire Faces Intense Criticism…

Popular Pakistani television actress and model Anoushay Abbasi. She started off as a child star on PTV. Mera Saain 2, Tootay Huway Per, Pyare Afzal, Mere Paas Tum Ho, Meri Saheli Meri Humjoli, Raqs E Bismil, and Benaam are just a few of the popular serials that Anoushay has worked on throughout her career.

Anoushay Abbasi is renowned for wearing very daring western clothing. She bravely wears western clothing, which sparks a lot of backlash. Anoushay doesn’t care what people think about her appearance and never apologises for it.

The actress has recently posted photos of herself wearing Levi’s clothing. She shared images taken from various perspectives. Check out her most recent photos.

Indeed, her followers on her official Instagram account didn’t enjoy the images of her wearing western clothing. People highly criticised her strange postures and claimed they couldn’t understand what she was attempting to convey in the photos. Additionally, they said that all of the actresses had chosen the path of vulgarity and obscenity and that they take joy in body adornment. She received a lot of criticism, trolling, and foul comments from fans. Here are some of the remarks made by fans on her photos.