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Amber Khan’s Daughter Alizeh Shares Her Weight Loss Journey

Since years, we have been watching Amber Khan on our television. She has worked on a variety of projects, including live shows where she has hosted parts and made guest appearances in addition to playing in dramas. Amber Khan frequently appears on Nida Yasir’s morning programme Good Morning Pakistan where she discusses how she maintains her fitness and has shed weight. This time, however, she has documented her daughter’s weight reduction journey on her YouTube channel.

Alizeh, the daughter of Amber Khan, has shed an incredible 36 kg in just six months and appears to be a completely different person. She has continually worked to reach her target weight, and she appears fit and healthy in her new shape. She has undergone the following changes:

Alizeh revealed that she has been following an intermittent fasting plan to shed pounds. She had fully stopped eating bread and grains and used to fast for 18 hours between meals. She also mentioned that she occasionally ate junk food but made up for it at subsequent meals. She continued exercising as well, which helped her reach her objective.

Alizeh also used to take detoxifying juices and ended up losing 36kgs in 6 months: