Aly Khan Discusses His Meeting With Shahrukh Khan and His Offer of Don 2

Popular Pakistani actor Aly Khan began his acting career in Bollywood. The actor became well-known thanks to his work in Don 2. Aly Khan is a Pakistani actor with British ancestry, despite the misconceptions of many Indians and Pakistanis that he belongs in Bollywood.

Aly Khan spoke candidly about landing a role in a Bollywood movie during a recent podcast with Nadir Ali. Aly Khan stated, “The procedure is the same; they accept auditions based on merit; in Bollywood, references are not allowed; if directors and producers believe you are fit, they request an audition. You are required to read or perform a scene during the audition. I was given a broom along with Shahrukh Khan, and the two of us cleaned the streets before being fed to breakfast by the crew before returning. Here is a link to it:

When asked about their first meeting and scene, Shahrukh Khan recalled, “We were standing in front of the church, when Shahrukh Khan arrived, we had a read through session of the scene. I had already memorised my scene but Shahrukh came from another shooting which was going through his mind, he did scene in his signature tone, wore the glasses, and read in his style, and I felt Farhan was uncomfortable. He said, ‘Shah can I make a request, The is this 

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