Alizeh Shah Describes Her Weight Loss Journey in Detail

Alizeh Shah is a versatile young Pakistani actress and model who has long been active in the entertainment industry. Alizeh Shah is one of the actresses that frequently avoids the spotlight for a variety of reasons. Alizeh Shah recently made headlines for her dramatic change after losing weight quickly.

Alizeh Shah recently shared the key to her remarkable weight loss journey on her official Instagram account. In a video message, Alizeh Shah said that Dr. Yumna Chattha’s commitment was what made her weight loss journey successful because it was not at all simple. She lost weight, made improvements to her diet, increased her metabolism, and got back in shape thanks to Dr. Yumna’s diet plan and the supplement “Morin-G.” The pill aids in weight loss of 4-5 kg each month. Alizeh went on to say that persons who experience PCOS or hormonal imbalance will find the supplement “Morin-G” to be of great benefit. Watch the video to see more!

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