Al-Karam Group Company comprise between clothing brands very inventive and pioneering fashion industry.It Pakistan was recognized in the year of 1986.Recently Al-Karam has launched its very creative and modern winter dress collection for women and girls.The collection includes three piece suits and kameez (trousers), Kameez (shirt) and Duppata.The pants or pajamas are single or simple means without printing while shirts and duppatas are ornamented with flowers fixed, necklines prints……..Some sexy pictures and others are in the form of V, while some are in uo color scheme shapes.The Ronda each dress is also set according to the requirement season. Mostly dark colors seemed able Collection.The in this collection is ideal for all ages of women plus you can wear these dresses casually and formally.These all dresses are seeking stylish, awesome and decent.Let to look at this beautiful collection of Al -Karam below.