Aiman Khan & Muneeb Butt Chilling With Their Sweet Amal In Ski Dubai

People admire Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt for their toil and how they have advanced in their careers through unwavering dedication. They are also adored as a unit and were the first famous couple to experience the online buzz that modern-day celebrity couples are known for. People have followed their relationship as a couple and their path to being parents to little Amal Muneeb. Their wedding is still extremely unforgettable. Amal Muneeb receives a lot of support from her parents’ followers, and her adorable videos never fail to make people smile.

Having travelled to Saudi Arabia for Umrah, Aiman and Muneeb stopped in Duabi for some enjoyable family time. She was overjoyed to see the delights of winter when the stars took their daughter to Ski Dubai. They were accompanied by friends as well. Pizza and nachos were observed being consumed by Aiman Khan. Here are some lovely images of the family having a relaxing day at Ki Dubai. Look into: