Unquestionably, Aima Baig is one of the most well-known musicians and background singers working now in Pakistan’s entertainment sector. She is working with all the top performers in the music business, singing songs for drama OSTs as well as for all the future motion pictures. Aima Baig, however, has had a challenging year because she became embroiled in a significant incident involving Qes Ahmed and the model Taloulah Mair. She broke off her engagement to Shabaz Shigri, and for days she was trending on social media.

Since then, Aima Baig has been spending time with her loved ones while she is not working. She also travelled with her father to perform the Umrah.

Aima Baig then departed for Australia to play in concerts there. She is now back in Pakistan, where she is still quite busy with all of the work that has to be done. Aima has a particular sense of style, and she dresses in a way that accentuates it.

Aima Baig has received criticism for her attire choices since returning to work full-time and uploading images of her travels after performing the Umrah. Internet users express their displeasure by saying the following: