Aima Baig Faces Criticism On Her Latest Video

Pakistani vocalist Aima Baig is a stunning and gifted artist. Aey Zindagi, Qalabaz Dil, Baazi, Befikariyaan, Kaif O Surror, and Mast Malang are just a few of the popular tracks she has performed. She most recently gained attention for performing the well-known Kaifi Khalil song Kahani Suno. Numerous dramas’ theme songs are sung by Aima Baig.

Aima Baig recently dressed up for a picture shoot for a jewellery company. She was having the beauty artist fix her makeup. For the session, Aima Baig also wore a skimpy dress. We have gathered some images and the footage for you here. Look at the images and the video:

Well, the public didn’t like Aima Baig’s choice dress particularly after performing Umrah. They claimed that after achieving great renown and wealth, people become incredibly ungrateful and disobedient. The majority of users on social media asked for the wisdom of Pakistani celebrities who are growing more confident by the day. Aima Baig received a number of trolls for her attire. Why is it essential to expose the body while wearing jewellery, a social media user questioned. We have gathered all of the remarks for you here. View the sorted remarks here: