Aima Baig Discloses Her Wedding Plans

Pakistani vocalist Aima Baig is a melodic, gifted, and young artist. Up to this point, the singer has released innumerable successful songs. The forthcoming album by Aima Baig is currently being worked on. Recently, she released the song “Mujhey Pyar Huwa Tha,” a version of Kaifi Khalil’s popular song “Kahani Suno.”
Customers adored the tune. Aima Baig, however, is presently residing in Pakistan. Additionally, she conducts numerous interviews.

Aima Baig recently discussed her upcoming marriage in an interview with Urdu Point. What type of person would you marry? Would it be a businessman, a policeman, someone famous, or an army officer? said the host. I don’t need a man in my life, therefore whatever he is, he should be a human’s kid (insan ka bacha ho), a companion. If somebody comes along, I won’t have any expectations.Otherwise, I don’t need a man, but even if one does, he better be nice because I’m already wed to my music. Here is a link to it: