Aima Baig Dance Rehearsal Video Faces Extreme Criticism

Aima Baig, a well-known singer, will shortly release a new song on September 9. She has recently shared a sneak preview of the song with her followers on Instagram. Aima Baig also participated in the song’s dancing practice. Aima Baig has given her followers an early look at the music video for her next song. The attractive singer also pleaded with her followers not to criticize her careless and awkward appearance. View the video that Aima Baig posted!

Aima Baig was dancing with her coworkers while sporting a tank top and loose pants, but her supporters behaved precisely the opposite of what she had intended and began criticizing her for how she was dressed and moved. Well, Aima Baig’s fans made a lot of inappropriate comments. Due to her provocative attire, they also ridiculed her and questioned her about her nationality and religion. Aima’s singing is your claim to fame, so you should concentrate on it rather than dancing, a few true fans of her told her. The majority of her fans criticized her for posting back-to-back movies and images. Take a look at all the feedback on her dance and attire.