Adorable Clicks Of Rabia Anum Obaid From Family Wedding

Rabia Anum Obaid has experience in the field and has shown to be a valuable addition to the hosting sector. She began her career reading the news for Geo, where her distinctive way of saying her name became well-known. Later, she stopped perusing the news and began hosting Ramadan transmissions, which was a very lucrative endeavour for her. Rabia Anum runs a beauty salon and is a company owner as well.

Always expressing her love for her spouse, Rabia Anum. She frequently posts photos of the couple’s son and daughter having a good time together. The couple is blessed with a son and a daughter. Since Rabia Anum’s brother-in-law is getting hitched, the family is celebrating. She posted pictures from last night’s mayoun event with her husband and other family members. She stood in a colourful environment and looked stunning in a traditional yellow costume. The following images are of Rabia Anum from her brother-in-mayoun law’s celebration: