Ushna Shah denied the allegations that she was having an affair with Hamayun Saeed. Hamayun Saeed’s surprise arrival at the Bashar Momin launch triggered the scandal and it looks like things are just getting worse for Ushna and Hamayun. A & B Productions official facebook page reported that Samina Hamayun, wife of Hamayun Saeed caught them in an awkward situation in an apartment. Samina Hamayun gave Ushna Shah a good beating too. This what the page posted.


Ushna Shah shared with her fans a few days back that she was part of an upcoming drama titled “Goya”. This drama is being produced by the production house run by Hamayun Saeed. After this incident, Ushna Shah has been removed from the cast, also Hamayun’s wife is not going to allow Ushna Shah to work with her husband again.

This is the video that was posted by A & B productions page.