Actress Sadia Faisal Revealed Diet Plan Of Her Mother Saba Faisal

There are several difficulties involved in working in the entertainment sector and in front of the camera every day. To land new projects and wow the audience, one must always appear in tip-top shape. This puts pressure on artists who, no matter what, aim to look better and better. To maintain their on-screen appearance of being healthy and fit, our artists attend the gym and watch their meals. Saba Faisal is one such actress who continues to dazzle us with her stunning appearance. In recent years, Saba Faisal has seen a remarkable physical metamorphosis, losing a significant amount of weight.

Sadia Faisal, the mother of Saba Faisal, and she are very close. Sadia disclosed on Good Morning Pakistan that her mother had chronic bloating and joint problems, so Sadia advised the woman to lose weight and created a diet plan for her.

Since then, Saba Faisal has unquestionably shed a lot of weight. Comparing her appearance now to her earlier appearance is as follows:

Sadia disclosed the diet programme her mother came up with. She claimed to have fully reduced her mother’s intake of salt and sugar. Additionally, Saba Faisal stopped eating any carbohydrates, which was really beneficial. Eliminating salt from the diet had a significant impact and helped Saba Faisal become even more fit because salt causes the body to retain water.