Actress Moomal Khalid Vacationing In Singapore

For many years, Moomal Khalid has worked in the theatrical profession. Despite her tremendous talent and lack of effort, she is talented. We only occasionally see her in projects, but Moomal does update her followers on her social media. Usman and Moomal have been married for a while, and whenever they travel or go out, she makes sure to take pictures and send them to him. On Instagram, Moomal also posts photos of herself and her baby since, as usual, fans are interested in learning more about celebrities and their families.

Moomal has been spending time with her son and husband in Singapore as she is on the move once more. The adorable family has been sharing the loveliest pictures ever with admirers while visiting the markets and aquarium. Here are some images of Moomal enjoying her time in Singapore with her son and hubby. Look into: