Actress Mawra Hocane Umrah Pictures With Her Mother

Another fortunate Pakistani star who recently had the opportunity to conduct Umrah in Saudi Arabia is Mawra Hocane. With her mother, Mawra Hocane travelled to Saudi Arabia. Mawra had before expressed her desire to travel to Mecca for Umrah with her parents.

Mawra Hocane shared stunning images from Madina, Saudi Arabia, two days ago. Mawra Hocane arrived in Makkah Mukarama yesterday and completed her Umrah. Mawra was overjoyed to complete her Umrah. “My biggest, biggest request has been granted ALHUMDULILLAH,” she wrote. What more could I possible want at this point given that Mama and I performed Umrah together twice? ALHUMDULILLAH. Life is extremely satisfying. To wish again for a very long time, I must really stop and ponder. I am just so, very grateful. Thank you to everyone for your prayers and kind thoughts. My first Umrah will always be very, very meaningful to me; it was a tiny little glimpse of my dreams coming true. I prayed for all of you as well. These are the images that Mawra posted.