Actress Maira Khan’s Emotional Outburst in Reality Show Tamasha

Tamasha is an Ary Digital reality programme that has gained popularity when it premiered. The show’s contestants are engaging with the segments and enjoying themselves. They are enthusiastically taking part in the show’s actions, which makes it fascinating and spectacular. The programme is following Big Boss’ format. The competitors received their tasks on the second day, same as they do on Big Brother and Big Boss.

In this episode, Adnan Siddiqui gave his assistant and contestant Maira Khan a few responsibilities. She had to look after all the candidates who had to perform daily tasks for tokens that were provided by Adnan Siddiqui. Adnan Siddiqui says that Maira didn’t do her job properly and lacked zeal, which worked to the contestants’ advantage because it allowed them to unwind while performing the task. Maira attempted to defend herself after Adnan accused her, but Adnan Siddiqui wasn’t persuaded by her arguments. Maira then began to cry and yell as well. The competitors made an effort to comfort her as well, lamenting her academic performance. “You should be strict to all and should not give favours to the colleagues,” Adnan finally said to calm her down. Here is the link to the clip when Maira and Adnan have a confrontational conversation. Look at that.

Here is the public opinion on the show in which a lot of people suggested that Adnan Siddiqui should come on weekends only. Overall, they are liking the show except for a few tiny mistakes. Have a look at comments.