Actress Fajr Sheikh Aka Erum From Betiyan – Workout Pictures And Videos

Fajr Sheikh is a new Pakistani television actress who began her career as a model before deciding to pursue acting. Fajr made her acting debut in the hit drama Betiyaan, which is presently aired daily on ARY Digital at 7:00 PM; she plays the role of Erum.

Fajr is a highly fashionable, outspoken, and endearing actress. She enjoys dressing in western attire, and she recently shared some cute photos of herself working out. His active routine is also revealed on her Instagram. Listed below are a handful of her photos:

Fajr is a lovely new addition to Pakistan’s media landscape. Fajr is a fitness nut who adores going to the gym and likes to swim. Fajr Sheikh enjoys describing her workout regimen to her followers. She has been engaging in challenging core exercises. Here are some videos of Fajr Sheikh from her demanding workout regimen: