Actor Saleem Sheikh’s Birthday Celebration Pictures and Video

Famous Pakistani performer in both television and movies is Saleem Sheikh. Saleem started his work in television, where he became incredibly famous and never looked back. His most well-known drama was Sunehrey Din. His popular television series Rahain, Parosi, and Kallo were also produced. Additionally, Saleem Sheikh contributed to numerous movies, including Mera Dil Aap Ka Hua and Chief Saab. The performer is Javed Sheikh’s younger sibling, a well-known TV and film actor. Fans continue to enjoy the drama series Sunehray Din by Saleem Sheikh.

The performer is currently in Karachi. He resides with his sibling Safina Behroze. Saleem Sheikh arrived in Karachi for job purposes. He is acting in two TV shows. His family visited Karachi yesterday and surprised him for his birthday. Saleem Sheikh honoured his special day with his entire family, including his wife Nausheen, daughters Nashmiya and Anamta, and siblings Shahroz Sabzwari, Sadaf Kanwal, and Safina Behroze. Here, we’ve gathered a few images from Saleem Sheikh’s birthday family gathering. Take a peek at the photos and vlog that Saleem Sheikh shared: