Actor Saleem Sheikh Daughter Nashmiya’s Mayun Event Pictures

Popular Pakistani actor in both television and movies is Saleem Sheikh. Popular serials including Sunehrey Din, Paroosi, Kallo, and Rahain helped him gain notoriety. Fans also know him as the younger brother of well-known actor Javed Sheikh, who is equally recognized for his acting prowess in movies. Nausheen Sheikh and Saleem Sheikh wed in 1999, and they are now happily married. Three exquisite daughters belong to the stunning couple. Nashmiya Saleem, Seleena Saleem, and Anumta Saleem are the names of Saleem Sheikh’s daughters.

Nashmiya Sheikh, a daughter of Saleem Sheikh, is set to get married. Last night was her Mayun Event. Her sister Saleena Saleem shared a photo of Nashmiya Saleem looking stunning in a magnificent Yellow Mayun dress. “My heart is full now,” Saleem Sheikh said in the heartfelt caption of a photo of her daughter Mayun. Shahroze Sabzwari also shared his joy over her beautiful cousin’s special day. The highlights from Nashmiya Saleem Sheikh’s Mayun Event are as follows: