Abrar Ul Haq Posts Video Of Kiswah Sewing Part

The new Islamic year has begun and Muharram ul Haram has begun. On the first of Muharram, same like every year, the Kiswah of the Kaaba Shareef was changed. Muslims from throughout the world are able to take part in the blessings since the mesmerising sight is always broadcast live on television.

This year, when he went on Hajj, our very own Abrar ul Hq also had the privilege and blessing of sewing a portion of the kiswah, which is currently gracing the Kaaba Shareef. As he remembered his late parents, Abrar ul Haq posted on his Twitter account.

Abrar ul Haq may be seen stitching on the Kiswah while reflecting on how fortunate it would have been for his parents to witness this particular point in time:

Fans congratulated Abrar ul Haq on this blessing and prayed for his deceased parents: