He started as a televangelist, dabbled in politics, hit it big as a game show and is about to make a career switch again – Aamir Liaquat is heading to a new time slotwith a brand new show ‘Subah-e-Pakistan’ on Geo Entertainment which is expected to start from next week. The channel has not had a morning show since Shaista Lodhi left it after Veena Malik’s shadi hullabaloo on her show. Late September it was announced on Geo official Facebook page Nadia Khan would take Lodhi’s position but now ‘Inam Ghar’ host Liaquat will be wishing us good morning.But this doesn’t mean that the probability of Khan joining the channel is gone.breaking-news-400x228 An insider told HIP that she may co-host a segment with him.breaking newsThe insider further confirmed that many new segments have been introduced in the morning show which will she described as ‘innovative, interactive and thought provoking’. There will be religious guidance for people as well…….From these details it’s seems that ‘Subah-e-Pakistan’ will be similar to Liaquat’s game show wildly succeSsful game show ‘Inam Ghar’ which he began hosting in Ramazan but continued after the Holy month was over.In addition to his morning show Liaquat will also reportedly be hosting a revamped version of the record breaking original game show – now called ‘Inam Ghar Plus’. How these two shows will be different from each other in content is not yet clear.So far a 10 second promo of the ‘Subah-e-Pakistan’ has been aired which doesn’t give any details about the show but one thing is sure that Geo has taken a smart move in bringing in the crowd puller Liaquat on the board. Let’s wait and see if this strategy could help the channel maintaining good TRPs.