A video of a Pakistani bride who weighed 70 kg of gold went viral

In any nation or location, the rich and spectacular wedding events become the talk of the town. A Pakistani businessman with an office in the UAE weighed the bride daily in gold for her most recent wedding in Dubai. On social media, the wedding video has gone viral. The father, who was born in Pakistan, reportedly gave his daughter’s bridal dowry in the form of gold bricks. He allegedly has a business in Dubai. He is a citizen of Pakistan. Consider watching the video:

The bride and groom made a dramatic entrance at their wedding venue, and the event is making headlines in Pakistan and Dubai. The daughter was weighed in gold by the father, which later turned out to be 69 kg of gold. The bride and groom looked wonderful together. People are talking about the wedding as it gains popularity. Muhammad is the name of the bride, and Ayesha is the name of the groom. A few screenshots from the video are collected here. Check out the images:

After watching the video, people became incensed. Users of social media said that it would be preferable if this gold were donated as sadqa; otherwise, it would be a terrible display of wealth. Numerous readers suggested that the gold be sent to countries like Syria and Turkey that had earthquake survivors. They recommended giving it to the underprivileged. Many people claimed that it appears phoney.