Which Pakistani Actresses Should Reinvent This Year 2015?

At times, some of the Pakistani actresses do have bad year timings. At times, they do get in hand some bad serials and they do not get that much successful in doing the best role. There is a need in them now to reinvent theirselves. Here we will let you know that about those Pakistani actresses who should reinvent this year 2015, check out the below details.

Which Pakistani Actresses Should Reinvent This Year 2015?

We have been sorry to say that this actress has failed to put up an everlasting impression on us. Though she has done serials like Mausam, Doosri Biwi and also Diyare Dil but there is something and Hareem needs to find that!

Maya Ali:

Though getting started with her career with the serial Naye Cinderalla, she did get applaud but now her real acting talent is missing and Maya needs to find that! Though the Sanakht serial managed her to make a comeback but she again got failed. Now, let us all see that when we will be seeing the real Maya Ali on the screens!

Mawra Hocane:
She has been getting offers from the Indian film industry but this does not at all mean that she will be forgetting the Pakistani Tv line. We are sorry to say that this actres has not impress at all. Serials like Ek tamanna lahasil si, now she is all lost!

Sumbul Iqbal:
She has this long list of flop dramas and she does not at all understand this fact signing so many serials will not do any wonder! She needs to get serious about the script and also about the story line. Jane e kyun, Shabe Zindagi, Rasam- in these serials she has failed to do justice!

Neelum Munir:
Serials like Arrange marriage, Maang and Mere meherbann, we get this conception that this actress does not want to come out from her comfort zone.

So, all these are the Pakistani actresses that need to reinvent theirselves!

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