Newly, Although Nickie Nina is two separate designers that have work together for the firm of one brand named as“Nickie Nina. This brand has been operational for the previous few years and has been identified for their marvelous dresses that travel around the ladies. They mostly cater with the casual wear, formal wear and bridal wear dresses too. Nickie Nina has all the time tried to give away their first notice at the behavior stand of the ladies and then finishes the garments with sole versions and styling. This time Nickie Nina has newly bring in their heart throbbing dresses at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2015. This event was prepared in Lahore at the place of Expo Center on 22th April, 2015 till 26th April, 2015. This whole Nickie Nina dress 2015 has been obtainable with the title of“Swinging Byzantium”. In this dresses the ladies will discover all such lovely looking stylish garments that have been just currently rotating inside the fashion world.
The garments have been enthused from the past fashion trends of 1960’s. The garments cloth used for the collection dresses have been controlled with the better excellence and superior ones adding with the net, silk and Chantilly ones. The decoration of the clothes have been set out with the digital prints, block printing and even with the stone working as well that looks awesomely very well looking for the collection clothes.
The color strokes for the dresses has been set with the black, gold, orange, poppy red and lemon ones that are much making the dresses colorful and full of life. Here we are allocating few images of Nickie Nina Collection at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2015. In simple words, this dress by Nickie Nina at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week has been whole attractive ones that is forming the varied mixture of stylishness and well intended finishing.