Red Carpet Events around the world are a huge deal as stars put their best outfit out for a night of bliss. At the HUM TV Awards in Dubai, we picked out some of the best dressed diva’s from the media industry of Pakistan just for you!

Here are some of the best looking stars of the night:

  1. Sanam Saeed11092982_1428664517430381_143980494_n1Sanam Saeed, glamour and stunning as usual was seen in a Shehla Chatoor dress, dark lips and dead straight hair paired with rocking white pumps that made her look no less than the diva she is. No wonder this young lady is the ruling Queen of the TV industry setting the highest TRPs every achieved with “Zindagi Gulzar Hai”
  2. Ayesha Khan11053566_963209293712796_5103357080108036012_nSeen in a Shehla Chatoor outfit, Ayesha was wearing a beautiful white gold dress that made her rock the ensemble and beautifully draped the gorgeous actress.
  3. Mahira Khan 11142907_881600791897908_793972828_nDressed in emerald green gown paired with gold earrings, Mahira looked fit to be out of a Cinderella movie, looking both hot and adorable at the same time.
  4. Saba Qamar10914384_1429430014036418_12478014_nSaba’s dramas have been a highlight of the year, no wonder both were nominated at the HUM Awards and were a winner too. However, this Queen of Hearts of Pakistan was seen in a glowing silver gown, very princess like with minimal make up. No wonder she rules hearts like no other.
  5. Sabeeka Imam10706672_786923868070327_992863970_n1Wearing a flowing peach gown by Elan, which was certainly clutter breaking, Sabeeka looked right out of a Disney movie. The color made Sabeeka’s color look even radiant which was topped with a “Marsala” lipstick which is the color of the year!
  6. Syra Shehroze10340131_800159983386715_5630669888403935548_nEven as a new recruit in the mother department of media industry, Syra can give all the leading ladies of Pakistani TV and film industry a run for their money any time. Syra Shehroze looked super gorgeous in a lemon yellow dress which had lots of colors and flowers on it, fit for a girl with style to die for.
  7. Marwa Hocane928860_346396718896805_1685346198_n1Post her international love, Marwa was draped in a eccentric black and floral gown looking spectacular. No wonder the Pakistani beauty has been offered a spot with the King of Hearts of Bollywood, Ranbir Kapoor
  8. Ayesha Omer11093096_1609655852581740_2031353956_nAnd how can we complete the best dressed list without having the Queen of Fashion in Pakistan in it?! Ayesha Omer was seen in an embroidered blouse and cream color skirt by Shehla Chatoor paired with kundaan jewellery to die for.
  9. Mansha Pasha10464082_10152672068446574_2553751073465283310_nNow this is breath of fresh air isn’t it. Known for her supporting roles with the contemporaries, Mansha has always had an eye for fashion trends. She was seen in a Adnan Pardesy black and white classic gown which made her look no less than a diva!
  10. Urwa Hocane 11142916_812686652156618_1941277648_nLast but not the least, Urwa Hocane, the 2nd Hocane sister was draped in a Ali Xeeshan outfit. For the starry night, Urwa wore a sheer beige gown with a crop top paired with simple earrings, Urwa was a blissful sight on the red carpet.

So there they are, the top 10 gorgeous women of Pakistan showbiz industry looking glamorous on the HUM TV Awards Night Red Carpet! 🙂