Celebrities can carry off almost anything but they love Black. Black dresses are a fashion classic, an old faithful that will run and run. They’re the ultimate fashion go-to, whether you’ve got a last-minute dinner date or are having some special occasion.

Celebrities always have the spotlight on them but you can’t deny that they really want to look good and they can with black. Of course the best looking male celebrities in BLACK are those that go out with a bang, wearing high-end tailored black suits that you just can’t get off the rack…… Some of them are have the perfect bodies, it wouldn’t even matter if they wore something grotesque, they’d still manage to look great.
The formal but super trendy black suit is making quite a splash. We’ve been seeing quite a number of male celebrities who turn up at events in black suitsor jackets.

So here are 10 Pakistani Celebrities who show us why black really is the perfect colour.

Ahson Khan: We already know that Ahson Khan is smart, handsome and funny, but he also makes a suit look “simply fantastic.”


Fahad Mustafa: Fahad Mustafa has had some good days and a lot of bad days in fashion but now he’s sported one look that really shone. Fahad’s black embroidered sherwani dress is perfect! And it doesn’t compromise on the style either.


Ali Zafar: Ali Zafar is a style icon in anything he wears, from sherwani to tuxedos. The actor exudes confidence at every event, whether it’s a movie premiere or Award function. Ali has simply mastered the art of sophisticated fashion.


Azfar Rehman: The kurkure hunk looked sexy in a Royal Tag tuxedo and muffler around his neck, perfect hair, and a trimmed beard.


Emmad Irfani: Always very put-together, “Dil Nahi Manta” star Emmad Irfani loves to don dapper suits. That, combined with his slicked-back hair, makes it easy to see why he’s called Sexiest Man Alive.


Hamza Ali Abbasi: WAAR star has always had style, but it doesn’t take a secret agent to spy Hamza’s ability to add something special to his outfits. He looks amazing in his signature black suits, which he always tops off with that beautiful smile — one of the sexiest things anyone can wear.


Shaan Shahid: Much like the characters he often plays in movies, Shaan’s style is always a perfect mixture of trendy and classy.


Fawad Afzal Khan: It’s not just about how cool he is, or what a great actor he is, it’s about how Fawad Khan has mastered the art of looking great in BLACK. He oozes charm every time.


Mohib Mirza: Often topping best-dressed lists, Mohib Mirza is looking amazing and hot in this black dress. Having mastered the art of dressing like a gentleman, Mohib wears a sharp black two-piece suit with a heart melting smile.


Imran Khan: Aside from the fact that he is one of the most stylish man in Pakistan, Black is the colour for Imran Khan. Often topping best-dressed lists,Khan never seems phased . Always dressed to impress in simple dresses, Khan proudly sports Pakistani style I mean Shalwar Kameez.