Pakistani comedian and YouTuber Nadir Ali is a well-known and gifted individual. Nadir Ali is well-known for his humorous videos that he posts to his “P4 Pakao” YouTube channel. His YouTube channel has more than 555k subscribers and includes funny videos and practical jokes.

Nadir Ali and his wife Rida welcomed a handsome newborn boy a few weeks ago. Nadir announced the news on social media while posting a gorgeous photo of himself holding his newborn baby. YouTuber Nadir Ali recently celebrated his kid Hamdan’s Aqiqah ceremony. The Aqiqah of Nadir Ali’s son Hamdan was a private family occasion, as only members of the immediate family were seen there. A farm house had a celebration with a blue colour scheme to welcome the new addition to the family. Let’s have a look at some of the captivating photos and the Vlog from the Aqiqah ceremony for Nadir Ali’s son!