Mishaal Moazzam released a new collection shows some wear and party dresses 2013 casual wear for women. Apparel and other products featured in the collection long shirt, shirt, jacket, pants, tights and matching dancing. The dresses are embroidered with lace work and necklines. The colors used in the costumes of two tone and bright. They are abstract and show some balls too. The design is embellished with a little western touch and they are attractive. Every girl dreams of having the dresses in her wardrobe.MASHAAL Moazzam is a designer from Lahore and has established a position in the fashion industry with the unusual color combination of her with classic lines and colors unorthodox. It starts with semi formals and then split into bridal and formal. The cut and details of the costumes are widely appreciated as women of all ages feel comfortable wearing it. The costume is available in the L’Atelier Lahore, Lahore Tehxeeb, L’Atelier Islamabad, Islamabad and pashu AP Gallerie store brands Multan.On all, Mishaal Moazzam and the normal wear collection 2013 is a collection great episode, especially for young women and girls.