Veena Durrani Luxury embroidered tunic Vol-4 by Zohan Textile Coming soon. Zohan Textile is very famous all over the world. That is why his designer Veena Durrani is very famous and his collections are very similar to girls and women.So his embroidered tunic collection vol 4 is also very stylish and colorful compared to previous collections. In addition, Veena Durrani luxury embroidered tunic vol-4 will be available in the next days. So girls can wait for this upcoming collection of Zohan textiles. Therefore, Veena Durrani makes this collection from the heart of the heart. For this reason, I feel that this is a better collection of all three volumes.Veena Durrani uses a simple and stylish fabric for this collection. A special embroidery work id leads to this collection heart favorite of all. Finally, I recommend this is the waiting tunic collection by Veena Durrani.