Urwa Hocane is a stunning and gifted Pakistani actress and model who began her career as a VJ before transitioning into the entertainment sector. Urwa tried her hand at production in addition to acting, and her newest movie, “Titch Button,” is about to hit theatres.

Urwa Hocane was recently seen taking part in an interview with “Gloss ETC By Maliha Rehman.” “I started working as a VJ at the age of 17, but actually I the first time I started earning was the age of 14 when I started offering tuitions,” said Urwa when discussing her views on being an independent woman. I always believed that we shouldn’t burden our parents, and I always aspired to independence.

Urwa continued by saying that a partner is not necessary for her to live her life. “Why do you require a man? You can spend your life without a man. Although I’m sure you’d prefer to have one, it’s not required. According to me, you don’t need a man in your life,” says Urwa.