Bilal-Qureshi-and-Uroosa-Qureshi-1The news broke out and fans all over Pakistan have been congratulating the young couple with intense on screen chemistry, who have finally tied the knot.

The couple previously had been dating for 9 months and was seen on air in various drama serials, finally got their happily ever after and are no longer available on the single’s market. Sorry boys and girls. The couple tied the knot on Valentines Day in Karachi, also posting on social media about it and sharing their happy moments with their fans.

The young couple decided to keep the wedding small, simple and close and a ceremony of 50 people with close family and friends was where Uroosa and Bilal got hitched. We are glad the celebrities are taking the “Keep It Simple” wedding tradition up a notch!

The couple shared a moment of bliss with the camera when Bilal kissed Uroosa on the her forehead to which she responded in absolute glee, proving dreams do come true in happily ever afters. We wish Bilal and Uroosa a blessed married life ahead filled with love & joy! 🙂