All the girls want their hands, arms and feet beautiful with excellent Mehndi / Mahndi / Hina / Maxim / henna / Hena designed primarily functions and family events. In girls Pakistani Mehndi designs incorporated on Christmas Day, Independence Day and New Mehndi. That beautiful Mehndi designs are applied to show their love with their culture and most importantly to shine…….Winter season extends your happiness in the world, Christmas is also near us; and the girls are busy looking for Christmas dresses, jewelry, gifts, and Mehndi designs.Just going through the collection and apply your favorite Mehndi design you like from our Top Ten Christmas Day Mehndi Designs for girls 2014-15. So, on this Christmas Day Mehndi Designs New Collection 2014, brought us some more beautiful, elegant and best Mehndi designs for Christmas Day 2015.