Being on a ‘Plus size’ or Bit over weighted has always created criticism for this very young actor Parineeti from the time she entered Bollywood. Her chubby looks has gained her movies where her role is no different or challenging. But when we saw these workout images of Parineeti it literally kept us stunned. After seeing them all you would just forget to blink you eyes for seconds. Ever imagined the girl who was always seen uneasy with revealing clothes can actually look so damn gorgeous in this workout clothes. Seeing Parineeti so much toned and fit in these pictures will for sure make you fall for her a 100 times more you did before. A few days ago she posted some of her pictures of her workout photoshoot and who knew it will go so well. She says ‘ this shoot helped me get rid of my inhibitions, and portray the strong, confident girl I feel today. well, all we can say is that hard work can take you from zero to hero, from chubby to curvy, everything is possible. “Anybody who thinks this is a challenge, take it from me – you can also do it!” she added.