As much as we hate to admit to be copying our friendly neighbor India, Lollywood seems to be cramming up with more and more Bollywood item numbers inspiration than anything else in our own film industry.

What seemed like a revival of the Pakistani Film Industry is now turning out to be nothing more than phenomenal scripts coupled with Bollywood inspired cheap item numbers using our very own local Pakistani talent who has been respected for years for their superior acting skills and characters that touched our hearts.

Here is our list of the Top 6 Item Numbers seen in the recent times from Lollywood with our verdict:

6. Ayesha Omer in Karachi Se Lahore:

On no#6 we have the very talented Ayesha Omer with her first look in the upcoming Pakistani movie “Karachi Se Lahore.” The scene opens with Ayesha’s what I can refer to as a very bold outfit dancing to a crowd of men.

What surprises me here is that Ayesha Omer after the mind blowing career she has had actually agreed to something like this. I for one, am disappointed to the utmost level.

           5. Saba Qamar in Movie Mastani 8969       

The reigning queen of Pakistani silver screen has also unfortunately decided to jump on the Item Number Girls bandwagon to success. Saba’s upcoming venture is the Pakistani movie “Movie Mastani 8969” in which she has done an item track being compared to Sheila and Munni in Bollywood.

Not only does this throw dirt on Saba Qamar’s highly skilled acting career but also puts her into the “Billi” category, which is not a welcome sight in Pakistan.

           4. Sara Loren in Barkhaa: Naughty No#1 

Another one to join the item numbers bang wagon is Sara Loren, formerly known as Mona Lisa who was seen in the Bollywood action, suspense movie Murder 3. Post that, Sara Loren has been busy with her Bollywood castings however, recently released song Naughty No#1 from the upcoming movie Barkhaa has come out as disappointment with Sara Loren put in somewhat revealing outfits at a beach locations to amuse the audiences.

Not only is the song extremely cheap, but Sara Loren’s sad attempt to showcase herself as Sunny Leone has not worked out for her at all.

           3. Zhalay Sarhadi in Jalaibee: Jawani 

Being a huge fan of Zhalay’s work on both the silver screen and ramp yet, I am actually in shock to see her do an item song. Zhalay’s work yet as been outstanding both as an actress and as a model and she has been a beacon of hope for young girls who wish to enter the showbiz industry, however after “Jawaani” I am not entirely sure of how young girls can relate to her.

The surprising element is that the track is not entirely an item song but more of a track, which unfortunately is not able to pull off.

           2. Mahnoor Baloch & Mathira in Main Hoon Shahid Afridi: Teri Hi Kami Hai

Talk about never getting old, the beauty queen of Pakistani silver screen, Mahnoor Baloch was also seen in an item track in the Pakistani blockbuster success “Main Hoon Shahid Afridi”, in a mini dress no where fit for Mahnoor’s image. Even looking at Mathira in that Arabian Belly Dancer outfit gave me chills down the spine and not in a good way.

The dance was horrendous, the set was exaggerated for a Pakistani movie and that item number in the movie made absolute no sense at all, with Mahoor Baloch lying on a mirrored floor trying to be Katrina Kaif from the song “Touch Me” in Race. Mahnoor, we expected better of you being a senior in the industry. A failed attempt to add the Bollywood glitz and glam to a Pakistani movie.

           1. Mehwish Hayat in Naa Maloom Afraad: Billi 

And how can we forget the Billi girl, Mehwish Hayat from Naa Maloom Afraad. As much as I was excited about the movie at the Premier, the item song came as a slap to my face for thinking it will be good. Not only was the song and Mehwish Hayat’s actions cheap, not to mention vulgar to level 9000, the song was again unnecessary to begin with. Post this project, Mehwish has been doing a lot of commercial work, however the most common view I have gotten from Billi is that Mehwish now is in the “Cheap” category and has destroyed her rising career in Pakistani silver screen completely. Talk about digging your career’s own grave.

There they are ladies and gentlemen, the top 6 and not in a good way, Pakistan’s Item Girls from Lollywood. After this I honestly fear for Mathira and the others who are working on Bollywood projects and hope they too do not join the Item Girl bandwagon.

To The Directors: If you really think people are coming out to watch Pakistani cinema and be entertained by the cheap Bollywood inspired unnecessary item tracks you have included senselessly in your films, please conduct a research study on this and see if your tactic is working, because I can assure you its not. Pakistani audiences mentality is exactly like every other man in the country, they would like to see Jacqueline Fernandez in shorts but when their own girlfriends would wear them it would be a matter of life and death for them.

To The Actresses:  You don’t have to be an item girl material to succeed. Look at Sanam Saeed, Attiqah Odho and a zillion other faces who are doing a marvelous job without getting hitched to the “Shake Your Booty” gang, but then again, that’s just me, who hates work inspired by Bollywood.

My verdict: Khuda Ke Liye, Bol and Waar were the most successful films produced in recent Pakistani film history. The surprising element is that all these 3 movies did not have a single item track in them where the faces of Pakistani showbiz and media industry were out there behaving like Malika Sherawat or Malika Arora Khan. Not only did the movies do extremely well for the directors but they also produced great talent like Mahira, Atif Aslam and Fawad Khan, who are a symbol of pride for our country. Happy Reading! 🙂