ayn Rashid is one of the leading designers and famous fashion in Pakistan. Zayn Rashid is a fashion designer who has been working in the field of fashion since 2010.In year, a very short period of his career he has obtained a great response. After the grand launch of many collections, now has brought some shirts fashionable and stylish for young boys. Zayn Rashid offers seasonal and casual collection, and here is another seasonal collection for men has released only now. Zayn Rashid shirts casual wear 2013 men just launched now. These are looking stunning and elegant in their high quality fabrics and casual styles.Zayn Rashid collection for summer 2013 is composed of shirts in stripes and prints.The color tables used for this collection are the benefit as ferozi, blue, green and shirts brown.T hese are looking impressive in his cuts and high ends.This collection is embellished with extreme highs and modernity.