Now-a-days, fashion is changed on day by day base. Western dresses demand is higher due to best designing techniques. By making different effects in dresses and different combination of colors which makes the dresses attractive is implemented by the designers by using latest fashion techniques by keeping an eye on the demand of people their desires their wants inrespect of clothes.Sonya Battla Designer Formal Wear Dresses for Women The exclusive collection includes sophisticated formal dresses. People desire a pure and unique style in dresses……. Such type of dresses is perfect for girls and women who prefer casual and formal dresses. The designers have to work on the new trends of fashion especially for the ladies because the ladies are more serious about their dressing. In U.K every fashion industry tries to provide attractive dresses which are according to the latest fashion. Every fashion designer in all over the world are in competition to make modish quality of fabric stuff. Asian designers become popular in western countries like (U.K, London), U.S.A. By the passage of time the designers Sonya Battla their styles and trends of fashion.