Shoaib Malik, a famous Pakistani cricketer, confesses that he is having a contended married life with his wife Sania Mirza, an Indian famous tennis star. The couple also declares that do not face any kind of issues regarding their marriage.

“Even now I and Sania are together in Dubai and we love to spend as much time as possible together, but being professional athletes we have to also fulfill our other commitments but it doesn’t mean our marriage is on the rocks” says Shoaib Malik.


From last many days, Shoiab Malik has been answering to both the Pakistani and Indian media about the reports of their marriage being in trouble.

However, it was also reported in the Pakistani media that Shoiab Malik was seen with actress Humaima Malik, but according to him, she is only a ‘good friend’.

I and Sania have a strong relationship and we knew before we got married it would not be easy. But at times it gets frustrating reading baseless stories about our marriage” he said.

The Shoaib-Sania love story is famous around the world and the couple also claims that they do not appreciate reporting about their personal life to media and reading such stories makes them sad.

This brave player couple also erased the differences between the warring countries.

in order to prove the rumours wrong, Sania Mirza also posted a very beautiful picture with his husband.