Without a doubt, Shaan Shahid is the biggest star in the Pakistani cinema business. More than 500 Pakistani films include him. Although there may be disagreement on the films’ themes, it is indisputable that he was the sole star making an effort to bring the movies back. Actually, his Waar cooperation with Bilal Lashari was what drew people back into theatres. The action-packed film Zarrar, directed by Shaan, will be released on November 25, 2022.

These days, Shaan Shahid and the Zarrar crew are promoting the movie, and as a result, we have learned a lot of fascinating details regarding the movie’s production. In addition to Pakistan, Zarrar was also shot in Turkey and London. The Pakistan-Afghanistan border has also seen shooting.

Shaan had a paranormal encounter when they were filming in London. He spent the night in a haunted room and claimed to have seen a ghost there. He shared a room with the film’s producer Awais Rauf, to whom he reported seeing someone in the space at 4 a.m.

Shaan used to question everyone in the morning if they had experienced anything similar or not, but they hadn’t; his room was the sole haunted spot.

Here is what Shaan Shahid experienced: