Sunil and Falguni is a very famous fashion designer in indian fashion industry.Sunil and Falguni have started a bridal dress brand with “SF” label.They have started brand with traditional ideas and transformed each idea into very specialised and unique classical design. All the bridal dresses have been designed on the basis of customer choice and specialised designers have transformed customer ideas into beautiful and gorgeous bridal dresses.

This FS Bridal Collection 2013 has traditional Indian and Pakistani bridal dresses like sarees and lehenga. Girls usually likes to wear dress of their own choice at their very special and private event yes, of-course a wedding. Bridal dress designing has been done for centuries in South Asia. In all over the world girls like to wear traditional bridal dress on their wedding event.You are not alone in abroad now and you can wear the very South Asian Bridal Dress on your wedding.